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Theta Healing is an energetic healing method with which we can very gently open the door to your subconscious mind in order to permanently change and reprogram it.

We release old beliefs and blocks that do not serve you and replace them with supportive beliefs and so-called feeling downloads. With this change you will raise your frequency and experience a whole new, wonderful reality.

Your subconscious is a mystical place, but behind it there is a lot of magic and potential. Your subconscious is also your personal bodyguard, which wants to protect you from danger and controls about 90% of your life.

So if you thought until now that the 10% of your consciousness control your life - it is not like that. But exactly this shows how much unused potential still exists within us. Wow - that's great!

You can visualize your subconsciousness as a computer hard drive that stores every experience, every thought. For children up to the age of 7, this hard drive is particularly accessible.

Everything that is once stored there helps us to react in exactly the same way in similar situations. Our subconscious replays this memories - over and over again.

This creates the thought and behavior patterns that don't always serve you. In a nutshell: The subconscious is the best place for lasting and deep changes. With Theta Healing we start exactly there and make the impossible possible.

open your heart for the theta frequency baby

Our brain vibrates at a different frequency depending on the state we are in. In the session, a certain meditation technique uses the deeply relaxed theta brainwave, which gently opens the gates to your subconscious. Now it is possible to easily work with your subconscious and reprogram it.

We work on all levels and bring your body, your soul and your spirit back into balance. We release your blocks on a physical, mental, spiritual or energetic level, so that you can go through life again with lightness and harmony. Theta Healing works on a cellular level, so that deep and effective changes are possible.

You will get to know yourself properly and understand yourself better. All of a sudden you will recognize your old patterns of thinking and behavior and understand the connections. You will learn how to use your subconscious and how it serves you in order to finally come into your full power. Your light will shine into the world. It is already within you.

your session

You can choose if you want to have your Theta Healing Session via phone or online via Zoom - the only important thing is that you feel comfortable. A distance energetic session does not affect the outcome of the session in any way, because energy moves beyond space and time. A Theta Healing Session is an energetic treatment. It does not replace a doctor's visit. I do not make any healing promises in relation to my work.

possible topics for a theta healing session

⇒ lack of self-esteem, self-confidence and self-rejection

⇒ personal growth

⇒ fears incl. traumas

⇒ anger, rage, hate, dispute

⇒ stress, dissatisfaction, insecurity, lack of concentration

⇒ addictive and dependent behavior

⇒ pain and blocks on a physical, mental, spiritual or energetic level

⇒ support for your next steps in life

⇒ establishing a supportive mindset and new patterns of thinking

⇒ goal setting and manifestations

⇒ relationships in all areas of life

⇒ blocks in relation to success and money

my qualifications

⇒ Theta Healing® Basic DNA

⇒ Theta Healing® Advanced DNA

⇒ Theta Healing® Dig Deeper

⇒ Theta Healing® Manifestation & Abundance

⇒ Theta Healing® You & the Creator 

⇒ Theta Healing® Rainbow Children

⇒ Theta Healing® Intuitive Anatomy

⇒ Theta Healing® You & and your Inner Circle

⇒ Yoga Alliance certified 200h Yogateacher

⇒ Neo Emotional Releaser

⇒ 1st Degree Reiki