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moving beyond space and time with crystal power

Perhaps you already know that time and space are relative. Our souls have chosen to have a human experience on our beautiful planet Earth. But when we come to this earth, we often forget who we really are and where we came from. Sometimes we can vaguely remember past lives. However, these memories cannot always be directly attributed.

With the crystals, Mama Earth gives us thousand year old knowledge to connect with. The energy of the crystals gives us the opportunity to experience a journey into past but also future lives.

All we have is the present moment of life. The separation between past, present and future is an illusion that humans seem to believe. However, the highest truth of the universe shows us that everything happens in the here and now. This allows us to travel easily into the past and future. 

your crystal layout

Your Crystal Layout Session takes place exclusively in person. Together we create a sacred space in which you feel comfortable. Using a specially selected set of crystals, we will gently levitate your astral body so you can travel to past or future lives. The high vibrational crystals, charged with energy, are placed on your body and around you. This creates a grid between the crystals, allowing you to take a beautiful journey beyond space and time.

this is possible with a crystal layout

⇒ traveling into past lives

⇒ traveling into future lives

⇒ traveling to any imaginable place, even beyond our planet

⇒ time traveling

⇒ recognizing and understanding your true essence

⇒ expansion of your consciousness through traveling into other dimensions

this is how a crystal layout can support you

With a Crystal Layout, you not only have a beautiful, magical experience that you can draw upon forever. You can also integrate already learned virtues and skills from past lives in the here and now. It is the gentle reminder of your true value that can give you a new perspective in any life situation.

Traveling into the past also allows you to have contact with loved ones and understand interpersonal relationships in a higher context. Traveling into the future allows you to actively create your reality and future. Remember, your future is in your hands, it is changeable through you and your co-creation with the universe.