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healing through dancing

Dancing is not only my biggest passion, but has also significantly contributed to my healing process. When my body signaled me through heavy movement restrictions that it was time to wake up and follow the call of my soul, the very first thing I was able to do was not to walk again, but to dance. (if you want to know more about my story, click here)

I started dancing when I was 5 years old. This passion has accompanied me almost my whole life and has never let me go. When I got on my spiritual path, I asked myself for a long time, how I can unite these two sides of me. And although it is so simple, I have not found the solution for a long time.

I first had to fully realize that dancing gave me back my self-confidence after a difficult period in life, raised my body awareness to a new level again and again, and connected me with the present moment.

let your heart, mind and body move

Dancing releases happiness hormones like endorphins in your body, which has a positive effect on your mood. In addition, you get all your cells in the body moving and they can open for joy and healing.

Of course, movement also has a positive effect on your mobility, endurance and well-being, because regular activity ensures better blood circulation and increased performance.

In addition, through the intuitive movement of the body, energy blocks can be released and transformed. Thus, we work not only on the physical but also on the energetic and emotional level.

These energy blocks can be caused, for example, by emotions that are not felt. It is not uncommon that we do not fully feel our emotions, so we often push them aside. Then this emotion finds a place in the body where it can stay. This can lead to psychological and/or physical discomfort in the long term. 

So dancing is the alternative medicine of the 21st century - in my opinion. And I would love to take you on this journey - where you can move heart, mind and body in balance and learn to heal on your own.

abunDANCE Class

abunDANCE Class - this is not about learning a choreography, but about moving your body intuitively and transforming energy. The abunDANCE Class takes place via Zoom in a small group where we create a safe space together. Dance experience is not necessary. 

You can expect a combination of:

⇒ Dance

⇒ Meditation

⇒ Body Scan

⇒ Breathwork

⇒ Mindfulness

⇒ Yoga/Stretching


The following topics can be worked on:

⇒ the relationship to one's own body

⇒ self-acceptance, self-confidence and self-love

⇒ energetic blocks

⇒ processing and letting go of feelings

⇒ womanhood

⇒ physical and emotional pain


safe your spot and open up for the power of dance

To be always up to date, follow me on Instagram @annasophiakrone. There all dates will be published first and you can also secure your registration there. Of course, you can also simply register at hello@annasophiakrone.com. Once you have registered, you will receive all further information by email. I am already planning the next abunDANCE class. Stay tuned!