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oooh hey, I am anna sophia

I am very glad to tell you more about me. I would like to share my story with you to show you that there is much more within you. I think if we all share our personal experiences with each other, we can learn a lot from each other. 

Many of us are always searching for an answer to the question of who we really are. I think the beauty of life is that we can decide for ourselves every day who we want to be and not subject ourselves to predetermined rasters. Just being and enjoying the present moment opens the door to our inner world and brings deep healing.  

who am I?

I am Anna Sophia, 26 years old and from Hamburg, Germany. My biggest passion is dancing. In addition, my heart beats for animals and our beautiful planet Earth. But most of all I am a soul who wants to learn and develop in a human body. And for this gift I am infinitely grateful. My body is one of the greatest gifts for me, because it enables me to have the present experience as a human being. If my connection to my body has always been this present? No, definitely not. Life is flexible and everything has developed in a process. And it wasn’t always easy for me.

you are not a drop in the ocean, you are the entire ocean in a drop

trusting the process

I was diagnosed with arthritis when I was 18 years old. This probably turned my life pretty much upside down.

My biggest dream has always been to become a dancer and make my passion my profession.

However, since I was limited in my mobility and quality of life at that time, this was no longer possible. 

At my age of 18, I didn't know the best way to deal with it to get back to full health.

I was aware of the fact that arthritis is categorized as a chronic autoimmune disease in the conventional medicine and is therefore "incurable", but this never matched with my reality.

Something deep within me knew from the beginning that I would fully recover. And at that time I was not even aware of my own self-healing power, which each of us owns.

everything happens for a reason

Thus, at first, I had no choice. I had to trust the doctors, who treated me purely according to medical science. Here I would like to briefly mention how grateful I am for our level of medical knowledge. Only through this I have regained at least some quality of life from time to time. However, they could not find out the cause of the illness. 

So I opened myself more and more to spirituality and my own sensitivity, which ultimately taught me much more than I ever expected. Through a wide variety of methods, I was able to identify the reason for the diagnosis and let go of old beliefs that created this disease. Especially helpful and effective for me was the method of Theta Healing, which is why I also did my Theta Healing Practitioner. 

I am very sure that everything happens for a reason and life always works for us instead of against us. Thus, I also see the diagnosis at that time as a gift, as it taught me a lot about myself, the human body and psyche, the connection between body, mind and soul, and energy and healing.

are you ready for your transformation?

By letting go of useless beliefs, you will learn more and more who you really are, what your strengths are, how to transform your weaknesses into strengths as well, and what matters in life - in your life - so that you can live in joy, lightness, abundance and love. 

And that is exactly what I have learned as well. I have learned that, in my heart, I am not a person with a rheumatic disease. I am a soul who wants to have an experience in a human body. I have detached myself from identifying with the disease - an important step for healing it.

We decide whether we want to master this learning tasks of our soul with lightness or in an inner struggle. Widely held societal beliefs such as "life has to be hard, only then will you be successful" are deeply embedded in our DNA. Know that this is not you. It is part of your belief system and you can change it any time. 

Enough about me - I am very happy to learn more about you and to work together with you. My work is an energetic treatment and therefore does not replace a visit to the doctor. I help you to bring everything that is already within you to the surface. Please do not underestimate your own power, it is infinite!