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welcome beautiful soul

Who are you and what is your soul call here on planet earth? What would the world look like if you could change it, what exactly would be different and what is holding you back at the moment to reach this? Have you ever asked yourself these questions? You can only find the answers deep within yourself.

Together we will discover your true essence. Living your dreams is your birthright. So you will live a life in which you are fully grounded. You can embrace your highest truth and be yourself without hiding anything. Free of fears and doubts - with full confidence in yourself and endless trust in the universe. I will gladly accompany you on this magical journey to your highest truth.

I work holistically and energetically and offer you a safe space in which you can open up without fear of judgment. I always consider body, mind and soul to create a balance on all levels. I see you as a human being, soul and radiant light.

work with me

Lightness, joy and health. This is exactly what each of us deserves, isn't it? However, experiences from our childhood, genetically inherited imprints, unconscious memories of past lives or the socially believe system do not always make it easy for us to achieve this. I help you to release the burdens that block you and bring you into your full potential. In this transformation process we always search for the cause in order to create a lasting change.

the wound is the place

where the light enters you

Quoted by Rumi. A quote that I definitely relate to with my own story. And I am certainly not alone in this. Many people need a proper wake-up call to start searching for their inner truth. This wake-up call can manifest itself in many different ways. From a constant dissatisfaction to strong physical complaints.

The longer we do not live according to our destiny, the more often we get signals from our soul to change something. Thus, on the one hand, pain - whether physical or psychological - can be seen as unfair, annoying and unbearable. On the other hand, you can see this pain as a gift.

A door opener for one's own path and an obvious hint to question the previous way, to finally come into the flow and to listen to one's heart and intuition.

the universe has so many beautiful ways to express itself. It is coming through us in all colors and shapes.

the universe has so many beautiful ways to express itself. It is coming through us in all colors and shapes.